Transport infrastructure case study

MD for a Social Infrastructure Investor

As an established, not to mention well known, investor and developer in social infrastructure, it was of the utmost importance we kept the search confidential. This was tricky as we needed someone who knew the market inside out, someone who could step into the role seamlessly without causing disruption to the business, and someone who had an understanding of the investment world, as well as the more technical aspects of facilities management. It was important to the client, too, that we met gender ratios and targets as they had plans to diversify within their management teams. Of course, we cannot positively discriminate – our mission is always to find the best person for the role - but we can make sure we look in the right places to find high quality candidates from across the spectrums of gender and minority groups. In this case, we left no stone unturned, exploring potential candidates both within and outside of the investment world. We produced a detailed research report for the client’s internal HR audit processes, detailing all of the people who were identified as capable. The eventual hire was a top-quality candidate who is already proving very successful in the role.