Executive Search

Largo Jackson and Partners are experts at finding talent in every corner of the world no matter how rare or how challenging they are to access.

The Largo Jackson and Partners executive search service is an extremely effective method for identifying and attracting the most suitable candidate for a role regardless of whether they are actively looking or not. It does not rely on luck and guarantees a client access to everyone within a target industry rather than those who are purely looking for a new role.

Addressing how the Largo Jackson and Partners process works, our first step (once appointed by a client) would be to produce a detailed specification for the role covering both our client’s history and structure as well as core facets of the role. We focus on both professional capabilities required but also the character and approach that a client would look for in the hired candidates. Finally we would also cover why someone would move to a client and what the draw would be.

The next step is to draw up a list of suitable target firms – based on portfolio of skills within the company and location – and set the Largo Jackson Research Team in motion to identify suitably qualified members of staff. This is achieved through a mixture of careful internet research and targeted telephone calls to the company to gain the information we need.

Once this is completed we then approach selected individuals and proactively pitch the role to them. A big reason why we would reject an assignment from a client is that there is no clear reason why anyone would join them. If the candidate is interested in the role and seems suitably qualified then we would carry out a detailed interview with them. The interview covers core information such as why they are meeting us, what they are looking for in their career and so on.

The last thing we do at interview is release our client’s name and discuss the role. Assuming that the candidate has relevant skills and is suitably motivated (and affordable) they would go onto our shortlist. After completing our interviews we would present a select number of candidates CVs and Interview notes for interview.

From this point onwards it is fairly standard recruitment whereby we arrange interviews, make and manage any offers and work hard to ensure that selected candidates successfully start with our clients.

Throughout the assignment we work as knowledgeable and credible representatives of your organisation leaving you free to concentrate on the demands of your own career rather than someone else’s.