The Largo Jackson Selection service is an effective method for quickly identifying and attracting the most suitable candidate for your role by leveraging our extensive network within the industry and select database of candidates who are actively looking for a new role. 

At Largo Jackon and Partners our recruiting process is designed to maximise the chances of success through the hiring process by continuously providing expertise at each stage of the recruitment process.

Working from an agreed role specification we make select approaches to candidates within our database who match the required skills and competencies required. Upon confirmation of the candidate’s interest our screening process starts. We carry out a full and detailed interview with every suitable applicant. During this conversation we fully establish the candidate’s suitability for the role before revealing more information on your vacancy and proactively putting the full details before them.

Should the candidates be qualified for the position, affordable and motivated then they are submitted to the client. We manage any interview arrangements providing a full 360 review and debrief service to both client and candidate.

To ensure successful completion we will make and manage the offer process and communicate regularly with the selected candidate throughout their resignation and notice period.

Throughout the campaign we work as knowledgeable and credible representatives of your organisation leaving you free to concentrate on the demands of your own career rather than someone else’s.