Enabling you to find the right candidate

By leveraging our database of industry specialists who are actively looking for a new role we’ll be able to help you fill that key vacancy in no time.

At Largo Jackson & Partners we design our recruitment processes to be fast, efficient and ultimately to maximise the chance of a successful hire. That’s why we are on hand to provide advice and expertise at every stage of the process.

We’ll compare your agreed role description and person specification to our extensive list of potential candidates to see if there’s anyone to suit and then we’ll make sensitive approaches to those who appear to be a good match. Through a series of detailed conversations and interviews we’ll establish our candidates’ motivations and expertise, and we’ll take a view on whether they would fit within your organisation.

Only once we know they’re available, affordable and importantly motivated will we reveal who you are and the specifics of the role. And then we’re on the home straight. We’ll fully support both you and the candidates as we move through the selection, negotiation and offer stage, ensuring regular communication with both parties.

And you can rest assured that we’ll represent you with sensitivity and professionalism throughout everything we do.

At Largo Jackson & Partners, we don’t believe in taking on a job if we’re not the best people to deliver what you need. Executive recruitment is about more than filling vacancies, it’s about adding true value to the companies, agencies and individuals we work with. And if we don’t feel we can do that for you, it wouldn’t be right for us to tell you we can.

Graham Jackson
Managing Director, Largo Jackson


How our executive search works



We’ll sit down with you to learn about you, your business, the role you’ll be filling and why a candidate should be excited to join you.



Next we’ll draw up a list of firms to investigate and conduct research to identify any members of staff that might have the skillsets required.



We’ll proactively approach these individuals, pitch the role to them, invite them to interview and make up a shortlist.



Then we’ll go through a standard series of interviews followed by negotiations and offers until they sign on the dotted line.

Talk to the specialists

Trust an executive search firm who shares your niche.
We concentrate on global infrastructure and real assets because that’s
where we have the most up-to-date knowledge, the best advice to offer
and the biggest networks to draw on.